Miller Fellowship Program


The Miller Fellowship Program is a program of the Yellow Springs Community Foundation, funded by the Nolan J. and Richard D. Miller Endowment Fund.  Nolan Miller (d. 2006) was Associate Editor of The Antioch Review, a noted writing teacher and a beloved Antioch College professor.  His brother, Richard (d. 2009), was a highly regarded artist working in many different media.  The purpose of this fund is to support fellowships for Antioch College students who engage in service for the benefit of the Yellow Springs community. Thr basic premise of the endowment is that it is meant to foster mutual respect between Antioch College and the whole of the Yellow Springs community.

Click here for a brief audio story about the Miller Fellowship program or click here to see read more about the Miller Fellowship and its origins!

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For a list of Miller Fellow Employers, please see the Non-Profit Directory and click on “Miller Fellow Employers”.