Our Mission

Entrusted with the responsibility of enhancing community life, we are a catalyst and resource for local charitable giving and grant making.

The Yellow Springs Community Foundation

The Yellow Springs Community Foundation was established primarily to benefit the citizens and community of Yellow Springs and Miami Township.

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The First Heart


Local Nonprofits

The Second Heart


Our Community

The Third Heart

Our Impact on the Community

The Foundation reviews and approves grants monthly.  For details see “Recent Grants“. In addition, in perhaps less obvious ways, our impact has broadened and deepened as our experience and assets have grown:

  • Saul Young mini-grants are unsolicited awards to encourage new or low-profile programs.
  • Grants to customize donor database design build the capacity for self-reliance in community nonprofits.
  • Challenge matching grants encourage outreach initiatives.
  • Foundation initiatives, such as our Youth Philanthropy program, bring national movements to our community and expand participation in philanthropy.
  • Networking with other charitable foundations encourages cooperation and the sharing of information and resources.
  • Leadership in Planned Giving provides guidance and supports for expanded donor services and long-term stability for participating nonprofits.

“The foundation has had a very positive impact on the community, and it’s a way of supporting things I might otherwise not know about. I particularly like the foundation’s support of children and the arts. Children are very important to me….” – Charlotte Drake

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