Yellow Springs Community Children’s Center

Yellow Springs Community Children's Center
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The Yellow Springs Community Children’s Center (YSCCC), families, staff, and board have joined to make an appeal to you during this challenging Covid-19 pandemic. The YSCCC has been operating, but is in need of additional financial support to weather this critical period of time. Now you can help with Give for Today, Plan for Tomorrow Capital Campaign. Join us!

Staffing challenges, adequate building safety upgrades and maintenance, reduced classroom capacity, reduced revenue and funding, has proved an additional strain on the YSCCC. Trying to balance these challenges with safe daily operations, sufficient staffing, all the while educating these young children requires additional financial support.

Recent Capital Improvements:

  • HVAC system in the Vernay Building
  • Upgraded Electrical
  • I Wave Air Purifiers* to all furnaces.

*I Wave helps purify the air throughout the whole building. In addition to preventing mold and bacteria in the HVAC system, it also kills bacteria and viruses in classrooms and hallways, reduces odors, allergen and dust particles, and reduces airborne pathogens that cause cross contamination. The founding company of I Wave (Nu-Calgon) tested the I Wave device against the COVID 19 virus. COVID 19 spent 30 minutes in the air purifier chamber and the rate of reduction was 99.4%. 

The Yellow Springs Community Children’s Center has a long history of caring for and educating children in Yellow Springs. Since 1946 YSCCC has continued the tradition of serving families of our diverse community and neighboring counties. Education at the YSCCC is aimed at supporting the integrated growth of the whole child. Parent/guardian involvement in Center activities is not only encouraged but essential to quality care. Involvement benefits and enriches the experiences of the children. For school-agers, the Center provides a bridge between the child’s school experience and home. The Center is dependent upon this energy and enthusiasm to accomplish many of its goals and objectives.

How You Can Help!

The staff and families of YSCCC have shown resilience through this period supporting each other and the Center. Your support can help to ensure the YSCCC can continue to serve these families with the same quality of care, while maintaining the safe daily operations and building maintenance needed now and in the future. Thank you!

Please click here make a quick, easy, and secure donation to the Yellow Springs Community Children’s Center through the Yellow Springs Community Foundation. From funds raised, 80% will go directly to the YSCCC for today, and 20% will go toward the YSCCC Endowment for the future.

Yellow Springs Community Children’s Center: Enhancing the Lives of Children Through Developmentally Appropriate Child centered Curriculum and Hands On Learning.

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