If you would like to volunteer your service or to be considered for membership in the Yellow Springs Community Foundation, please contact Ellis Jacobs, Membership Committee Chairman, at

List of Committees (As of February 2018)

Marketing/Public Relations

This committee is responsible for 1) organizing the annual fall fund-raising campaign and for developing strategies for increasing gifts to the Foundation, and 2) to inform the public about the activities of the Foundation, which includes sending out regular news releases and publication of an annual report. It also facilitates the annual membership meetings and oversees the graphic design of all YSCF publications.

Matt Wallace, Chair


This committee develops and reviews strategies for sound investment of Foundation assets, to preserve the capital entrusted to the Foundation and to ensure income for operating expenses and grants. It is also responsible for preparing financial reports, for monitoring cash flow and budget issues, and informing Trustees of financial considerations.

Matthew Denman, Chair

Grants Review

This committee provides a preliminary assessment of grant requests and makes recommendations to the board about the appropriateness of the request and the amount to be allocated. The GRC also answers questions concerning grant application and verifies that grant guidelines are met.

Kathryn Van der Heiden, Chair


The purpose of this committee is to promote discussion and education about the YSCF for new and old members, and to ensure continuity as the membership changes. It also serves as a nominating committee by developing an annual slate of candidates for members, and providing materials to new members and trustees to familiarize them with the work and scope of the Foundation.

Ellis Jacobs, Chair


This committee oversees the staffing needs of the Foundation, and its work includes regular review of staff performance.

Joanne Lakomski, Chair

Youth Philanthropy

The liaison advises the Yellow Springs Schools in their participation in the Youth Philanthropy program and serves as liaison between the students’ committee and the Foundation Trustees. Students at the Yellow Springs High School and McKinney School serve on a committee that establishes grant guidelines, accepts applications, and awards grants to serve the youth of Yellow Springs and Miami Township. The program is funded through the Charlotte Drake Youth Philanthropy Endowment.

Susan Miller, Liaison

YSEE Advisory

The Yellow Springs Endowment for Education (YSEE), which was formerly a separate and distinct grantmaking organization with its own 501(c)(3) determination letter from the IRS, came under the YSCF umbrella in the spring of 2009 as a separate grants review committee that reviews the kinds of grants it was authorized to make under its original charter: Applications from school employees to fund programs that will advance the educational mission of the Yellow Springs Schools. These applications have to be approved by either the Superintendent of Schools (in the case of small grants) or the School Board, before they are submitted to YSCF. The grants are funded by the Yellow Springs Endowment for Education Donor Advised Field of Interest Fund.

Terry Graham, Chair