Who We Are


The Yellow Springs Community Foundation is a public charitable foundation established primarily to benefit the citizens and community of Yellow Springs and Miami Township. Chartered in 1974 and conceived by the late James D. Mitchell, the Foundation is designed as a vehicle for individuals and groups, residents, corporations, and other interested parties to channel contributions to be used most effectively for the benefit of the entire community. The Foundation is a tax-exempt, public, charitable corporation and donors may take income-tax deductions for contributions.

The Trustees of the Foundation are responsible for determining the investment and distribution of gifts, and for deciding if bequests meet the eligibility of the public purposes of the Foundation. Nine Trustees, who serve without compensation, are each elected by Foundation members for five-year staggered terms. The trustees are elected by the twenty members of the Foundation, who represent a broad cross-section of the community.

As a tax-exempt, public, charitable corporation, the Foundation is empowered to assist, encourage, and promote the well-being of people living and working in the Village of Yellow Springs and Miami Township, Greene County, Ohio, regardless of race, color, creed, sex, or sexual preference.

Some possible areas of support include:

  • Assisting public, educational, or charitable institutions.
  • Supporting activities of the elderly.
  • Caring for the sick and helping the socially disadvantaged.
  • Promoting or assisting literary and cultural activities, including the performing arts.
  • Providing support for public recreation, conservation, and environmental improvement.
  • Providing scholarships.
  • Promoting scientific research for the advancement of human knowledge and alleviation of human suffering.