Student Miller Fellowship

Student Miller Fellowships are for Antioch College students who engage in service for the benefit of the Yellow Springs community.  

The Yellow Springs Community Foundation accepts proposals once a year from Yellow Springs nonprofit organizations that wish to place Miller Fellows in their organization on an annual basis, usually in early June.  In accordance with the Antioch College curriculum, Miller Fellows are to work part-time for up to 10 hours per week during the three study quarters, and a minimum of 30 hours up to 40 hours per week during the work quarter.

Applications may be made for Fellows for the full study-work program (3 part-time quarters and one full-time work quarter) or the study-only program (4 part-time quarters). The maximum grant for either program will depend on the hourly rate authorized for that year.  The Foundation will pay, through grants to the selected nonprofit organizations, the direct labor costs of the fellowships at the hourly rate set in the Request for Proposals. Overhead costs will be the responsibility of the nonprofit organization.

Antioch students are encouraged to attend the annual job fair held at the beginning of the Fall quarter.  Prior to attending interested students should complete a resume and review the Nonprofit Directory to learn more about the  Miller Fellow Employers. This event is an opportunity for both campus employers and community employers to speak directly with our talented students and to recruit them for local/campus jobs.

2018-2019 Miller Fellowship Request For Proposals

2017-2018 Miller Fellowship Application

2017-2018 Student Miller Fellowship Request For Proposal

For a list of Miller Fellow Employers, please see the Non-Profit Directory and click on “Miller Fellow Employers”.

Learn more about the Miller Fellowship and its origins or donate to the Miller Endowment!