Connect for Success Scholarship

PURPOSE:  The purpose of this Fund shall be to provide funds to support scholarships to be awarded to Yellow Springs students for tuition to be paid directly to the tax-exempt educational institution they will be attending upon graduation from in school in the area, including home-schooled pursuant to the following criteria:

  • The recipient will be a 1st generation college student
  • The student must be a resident of Yellow Springs or Miami Township
  • The student must carry at least a B average
  • At least two examples of recommendation from a community member and educator
  • The Connect to Success Fund recipients will be chosen annually by a committee of three consisting of one ElectroShield representative, one school representative and one representative of the YSCF.
  • The amount of the Connect to Success Scholarship will be $500 and will follow the student for up to 5 years, providing $500 each subsequent year with the requirement for the student to be enrolled and maintaining an overall B average.