Scholarships and Awards – 2018 Graduating Class

Students at Yellow Springs High School are eligible for scholarships granted by the Yellow Springs Community Foundation. These scholarships are listed individually below, along with the maximum award amount and criteria, as provided to the class of 2017.  Final criteria and award amount for the class of 2018 will be available in early 2018.

The Guidance Office at Yellow Springs High School (Dave Smith, has specific application information on each of these scholarships.

The spring 2018 deadline for returning any of the completed scholarship applications to the Guidance Office has yet to be established. Recipients of these scholarships will be announced at the Awards and Scholarship Assembly in May 2018. These scholarships accept donations; please consider donating today (By Check: YSCF, Box 55, Yellow Springs, Ohio 45387 or Online).

Congratulations 2018 Recipients!! Click here to see a list of 2018 Recipients.

Available Scholarships; please click on title for description

The Antioch School Beloved Teachers Scholarship Endowment, 2015 (For Antioch School students only)

Class of 1967 – Chris Sparks Memorial Scholarship (Pending for 2019)

50th Class Reunion Scholarship – Leadership Spirit Scholarship

Camille Willis Scholarship

Connect to Success Scholarship

Edwin K. Foos Endowment Science Scholarship

G.E.M. (“Go the Extra Mile”) Award

Howard Kahoe/Dud Scott Memorial Scholarship

James A. McKee Memorial Scholarship

John T. McConville Memorial Scholarship

L. Shelbert Smith Memorial Scholarship

Lisa Goldberg/YS Arts Scholarship

The Martha Dell Cadow and Warren Dell Memorial Athletic Scholarship

Wiley Senior Project Award

Eric Smith CodeDog scholarship

YSEA Scholarship


The following scholarships held at YSCF are also awarded annually, but cannot be applied for:

Kay Corbin Memorial Scholarship

John Gudgel Scholarship


For questions regarding applying for any of these scholarships please contact the Guidance Office at Yellow Springs High School.

For questions regarding donations to these or other YSCF funds contact


These scholarships accept donations; please consider donating today.