Philanthropy Awards

Second Annual Yellow Springs Community Foundation Philanthropy Awards – 2018


  1. Community Impact Award – This award is given to a local organization that has made the most impact on the community through their initiatives and projects.

This year’s winner is the Arthur Morgan Institute for Community Solutions most notably for the Agraria Project and the affirmative effort to tie in community involvement and collaboration with other local nonprofits.

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(2016’s – winner was The 365 Project.)



  1. Active Citizenship Award – This award is given to a local individual who had the greatest community impact through their work.

This year’s winner is Kathryn Hitchcock for her tireless efforts in promoting the agenda of NAMI (National Alliance on Mental Illness) of Clark, Greene and Madison Counties in the village through the Nonprofit Network and on a local family level, becoming a valuable local resource in the process through community education and raising awareness. She leads a monthly family support group at the Bryan Center.

(2016 – the award was jointly presented to Julia and Tim Honchel of Heartbeat Learning Gardens.)



  1. Youth Philanthropy Award – This award is given to the student who is “quietly” making a significant difference in the YS Schools and / or our community.

This year’s winner is Amani Wagner, who was unanimously recommended by the YSHS Guidance Department and Faculty as epitomizing the concept of making a difference without seeking recognition – a dependable, generous, kind, helpful person who makes a difference in the lives of others, and helps make the school community a better place.

(2016’s winner was Kasey Linkhart.)



  1. Miller Fellow Engagement Award – This award is given to the Antioch Student Miller Fellow who is creatively engaging in making a significant difference in our Community.

This year’s winner is Gabby Amrhein, who was raised in Yellow Springs and has been an Antioch College Miller Fellow at the Arthur Morgan Institute for Community Solutions for several years and will continue on staff there after graduation this year. Gabby is one of those Miller Fellows who just fits in the mission of their organization and sticks with it after school. It might be noted that Community Solutions has a way of attracting that kind of dedicated intern.

(2016’s winner was Mallory Drover who worked at the Children’s Center.)


Each awardee will receive a designation of a $300 donation to the local nonprofit of their choice.