Past Grants

Discretionary Grants

  • World House Choir: $3,750 for the Coretta Scott King and Celebration of Marrige Equality concerts
  • Yellow Springs Arts Council: $1,900 for the purchase of two new computers
  • Yellow Springs Senior Center: $13,713 for computer, software and network upgrades
  • Antioch College: $40,000 for Wellness Center renovations
  • Arthur Morgan Institute for Community Solutions: $6,600 for development of and Energy and Climate YouTube channel for Yellow Springs
  • Antioch College: $7,000 to help fund trail restoration project
  • Yellow Springs Arts Council: $1,000 for construction fence gallery at Mills Park Hotel construction site
  • Yellow Springs Home, Inc.: $7,700 for Home Buyer Coaching services
  • Village Mediation Program of Yellow Springs: $1,500 for mediation training for residents of Yellow Springs and Miami Township
  • Yellow Springs Bronze Culture Symposium: $5,000 for phase II of the Yellow Springs Experience National Bronze Sculpture Symposium 2012 (Click here to see more)
  • Antioch College: $200,000 for Performing Arts Center renovations
  • Little Art Theatre Association: $30,000 for equipment needed for digital upgrade and general renovation
  • Yellow Springs Senior Citizen Center: $6,000 for new vehicle purchase
  • YS Kids Playhouse: $8,000 for Summer Theater Arts Program
  • WYSO: $7,180 for equipment for a cross-media collaboration project, Reinvention Stories
  • Yellow Springs Arts Council: $11,250 for programming support
  • Art & Soul, Yellow Springs Arts Fair: $3,500 start-up grant
  • The Riding Centre: $1,500 for automatic horse waterer
  • Antioch College: $5,000 for Ohayo: Ohio Cultural Exchange Project
  • Borenya W. African Drum & Dance: $7,000 for Cultural Diversity
  • Boy Scouts of America Tecumseh Council: $1,500 for Camp Birch Pool Repair
  • Chamber Music in Yellow Springs: $4,000 for Website Re-design
  • Community Solutions: $1,600 for Local Foods Group Potluck Series
  • Feminist Health Fund: $5,000 Matching Grant for Capacity Building
  • First Presbyterian Church of Yellow Springs: $1,900 for Commity Music Equipment
  • NAMI Clark, Greene & Madison Counties: $2,000 for Mental Health First Aid Training for Teachers
  • Village of Yellow Springs: $7,500 for Fiber Optic Internet Feasibility Study
  • World House Choir: $1,000 for Website Development and Performances
  • World House Choir: $10,000 to support 2016 Performance Season
  • YS Home, Inc.: $9,425 for Stewardship Services Expansion
  • YS Senior Center: $14,150 for Exterior Building Repairs
  • YS Senior Center: $7,650 for Air Conditioner Replacement

Yellow Springs Giving Tuesday (YSKP as fiscal sponsor): $10,000 Matching Grant for Funds Raised

Yellow Springs Endowment for Education Grants (partial list)

  • Yellow Springs High School Girls Soccer Team: $150 for purchase of banners promoting girls soccer
  • Yellow Springs High School: $30o for purchase of sweatpants and shirts for special education students to sell as a fundraiser
  • Yellow Springs High School: $300 for purchase of 30 books for “The Big Read: AN Ethics of Excellence Project”
  • Yellow Springs High School/McKinney Middle School: $1,000 to fund Positive Choices, an outreach and intervention program
  • Mills Lawn School: $3,000 to help fund West African Drum Line project to teach West African drumming after school to grades 2 – 6.
  • Yellow Springs Schools: $300 for senior citizens day
  • Mills Lawn School: $8,288 for Improving Working Memory and Processing Speed for struggling students
  • Mills Lawn School: $3,750 for the All-School Musical
  • Mills Lawn School: $679 for Science Olympiad Team
  • Mills Lawn School: $1,000 for  STARBASE Education
  • Mills Lawn School: $500 to to purchase I-Pad computer tablet

Saul Young Grants (unsolicited grants of $300 each made at the suggestion of a trustee):

  • Antioch University Midwest; Yellow Springs Soccer Inc. IHO Jim Hardman; Lions Club; YSPD Coat Fund; YSAC Community Music IHO James Johnston; YSHS Senior Citizens Day; Chamber Music Yellow Springs

The Charlotte Drake Youth Philanthropy Council recommended one grants, which were ratified by the board:

  • K-12 – $300 for art show
  • YSHS – $300 for Chem Buddies Senior Project
  • YSHS – $300 for Musical Performance Senior Project

Capacity Building Grants (partial list)

  • Yellow Springs Kids Playhouse: $379 for purchase of an iPad
  • Tecumseh Land Trust: $379 for purchase of an iPad
  • Home, inc.: $379 for purchase of an iPad