Youth Action Board

Youth Action Board

The YSCF Youth Action Board is Up and Running!

Did you know that students know the issues facing youth three years before adults? YouthRoots taps into the unique perspective, passion, and skillset that youth bring to the world by empowering them to become engaged citizens NOW.
YSCF Youth Action Board 2021-2022

Joaquin Espinosa – Student Co-Facilitator ‘22
Carina Basora – Student Co-Facilitator ‘22
Violet Babb ‘24
Brady Baker ‘24
Helen Bales ‘24
Chloe Bayard ‘24
Isabella Beiring ‘23
Malik Booth ‘24
Gage Brinson ‘24
Otto Cipollini ‘24
Charlotte Davis ‘24
Maddox Flatt ‘22


Yanne Gilley ‘22
Ella Laws ‘24
Stella Lief ‘24
Lily Rainey ‘22
Derek Reed ‘24
Aiden Scavone ‘25
Sailor Schultz ‘26
Kellen Scott ‘24

Melissa Heston, Facilitator
Outreach Manager, Yellow Springs Community Foundation


The YSCF Youth Action Board is a diverse group of MMS/YSHS fearless thinking students who are passionate about solving community issues for youth and making the world a better place. The YSCF Youth Action Board, our local chapter of a national program “YouthRoots” is a student driven program with a ten year proven track record of engaging students more deeply and profoundly in their own communities.

Above is a video of the YouthRoots Founder and some students who participated in the program, and the impact on their lives.

By catalyzing the natural energy and passion of youth, the YSCF Youth Action Board will provide a holistic leadership program that uses the philanthropic process to teach youth how to communicate, make decisions, foster their passions, and align their strengths. Our goal is to develop thriving young adults and authentic leaders. YSCF Youth Action Board members set the goals. They do the work. YSCF and YouthRoots Organization will give them the support they need. As one YouthRoots participant stated, “I love that everything is real: real pitches, real businesses, real grants and real change. It’s not just a class or simulation.”

This extracurricular youth board will be engaged in 21 sessions (1-2 hours in length, from late September 2021 through March 14 2022) that take students through a 3-step philanthropic process – Community Needs Assessment, Fundraising, and Grantmaking. Participants will impact their community today while learning the skills to enact positive change in our world tomorrow. The second year of the program will be facilitated by YSCF Outreach Manager, Melissa Heston and supported by YouthRoots Organization, area leaders, impact partners, and YSCF staff. The YSCF Youth Action Board is a collaboration between the Yellow Springs Community Foundation, the Yellow Springs Schools and YouthRoots, a youth philanthropy nonprofit based in Englewood, CO.

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Youth Action Board 2021 Grant & Impact Report

To apply go to the YSCF online scholarship portal. Create your account and fill in the YSCF Youth Action Board Application.

For more info about the YouthRoots programming and organization go to