Student Miller Fellowship

Miller Fellowships are offered to full-time, degree-seeking Greene County college students and Yellow Springs High School juniors and seniors who engage in service for the benefit of the Yellow Springs community. 

Students begin by attending the Nonprofit Leadership Institute to gain an understanding of nonprofits to provide a grounding and framework for learning from their experiences as a Miller Fellow. Students  learn about how nonprofits operate, what it takes to be successful in the nonprofit world, and the important role they have as ambassadors to the community, representing their schools and the YSCF. They meet nonprofit leaders in the community and gain experience through hands-on work sessions.

Applicants to the NLI are generally between the ages of 17 and 26. The NLI is open to full-time Greene County college students, Yellow Springs residents attending college anywhere, YSHS juniors and seniors, and Yellow Springs student-residents in a “gap” year.  Others with an interest in Nonprofits, not meeting these criteria, may be considered to audit the NLI on a case by case basis.

After successfully completing the NLI, students are eligible for internships at community nonprofits as employees of the YSCF. The Encore Miller Fellows will help students find the right match for their interests from the host organizations. All internships are for a quarter (10 weeks) and can be over multiple quarters with the same host. 

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