Miller Fellow Employers (Nonprofits)

The Yellow Springs Community Foundation accepts applications once a year from Yellow Springs nonprofit organizations that wish to receive grant funding to employ Miller Fellows in their organization on an annual basis.

The grant amounts are structured to accommodate one part-time Miller Fellow (10 hours/week for 10 weeks) or a full-time intern Miller Fellow (30 hours/week for ten weeks). The grant provides nonprofits the flexibility to manage the amount of time worked in hours and in weeks based on the needs of the nonprofit and the availability of the Miller Fellow.

Two important stipulations:

  1. The awarded grant funds must be used to employ Miller Fellows ideally in intergenerational work.
  2. Hired Miller Fellows must attend the first available Nonprofit Leadership Institute (NLI) session during employment if they have not already attended one.

Miller Fellows: The nonprofits will be able to identify and hire Miller Fellows at any time during the year. Eligibility requirements for Miller Fellow:

  • A full-time, degree-seeking student in good standing at a Greene County college or university with a preference towards an Antioch College student
  • A high school student who is a resident of Yellow Springs/Miami Township or an attendee at Yellow Springs High School; high school Miller Fellows must be 16 years old or older.
  • A resident of Yellow Springs/Miami Township under the age of 25 in a gap year before or during college or home for a vacation period
  • Students must have completed the YSCF’s Nonprofit Leadership Institute (NLI) or apply and complete the next NLI at some point during their employment.
  • The identified Miller Fellow can be a current employee of the nonprofit if they meet the requirements above.

Nonprofits awarded grant monies for Miller Fellows will manage the funds to pay Miller Fellows directly.

Apply to be a Miller Fellow Employer