The Miller Program

The Miller Program is a unique multi-generational program bringing students, seniors, and our nonprofits together in service for our community.

The Miller Program is a vital program of the Yellow Springs Community Foundation (YSCF) funded by the Nolan J. and Richard D. Miller Endowment Fund. Nolan Miller (d. 2006) was Associate Editor of The Antioch Review, a noted writing teacher and a beloved Antioch College professor. His brother, Richard (d. 2009), was a highly regarded artist working in many different media. The program includes Miller Fellowships, Encore Miller Fellowships, Miller Fellow Host Organizations, and the Nonprofit Leadership Institute.

The purpose of this fund is to support community service initiatives to benefit students and seniors who are willing and able to foster understanding, cooperation, and mutual respect in the community in which they live.

Miller Fellowship Program

Miller Fellows are employed by the Yellow Springs Community Foundation to carry out the goals of the Miller endowment. The Miller Fellow Program fosters good will between local college and high school students and the Yellow Springs community by way of serving local area nonprofits, and demonstrating to the students the importance that the brothers placed on service to the community in which they live.

Encore Miller Program

The Encore Miller Fellows’ mission is to foster mutual respect between Antioch College and the Yellow Springs village by mentoring Miller Fellows, engaging seniors, facilitating collaboration, and building capacity among nonprofits. The Encores are instrumental to the Miller Fellowship Program, the Nonprofit Leadership Institute, and supporting area nonprofits on behalf of YSCF.

Nonprofit Leadership Institute

The Nonprofit Leadership Institute (NLI) engages and inspires community service by introducing students to the Yellow Springs area nonprofits. The NLI fosters an understanding of nonprofits, builds leadership skills, and provides service opportunities with hands-on work experience within the Yellow Springs community for professional and personal endeavors. The NLI is the YSCF foundational training program for the Miller Fellow Program.

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