Meet the New Executive Director

Jeannamarie Cox

November first began a new chapter for the Foundation and for me. After some thirty years in the apparel industry, I changed course becoming your new (and first) Executive Director. I have lived in Miami Township for 23 years, commuting for work to points far and wide where apparel is designed, made, and sold. It was an exciting career, yet, when I was home and engaging with local nonprofits, I felt most rewarded.

The first few months have been busy, including the first task of creating a bit of actual space for me in the YSCF office.  I have immersed myself in learning a new language: “foundations” and I have been listening to you. We (Board, Virgil, Kim and two Miller Fellows, Marcell, Jonah, and I) have found a nice working model, which is permitting us to make great progress in short order.

The board and staff worked hard in 2016 to provide the roadmap for us by adopting the strategic plan. We are well on our way with even more focus on you; implemented: accessible scholarship requirements and anonymity for Donor Advised Funds; in development: an opportunity for Socially Responsible Investing (SRI), improvements to the grant request process and so much more.

Please stop by our office, or better yet, invite us, we will come to you.