Endowment Funds

Following are brief descriptions of the YSCF Endowments: when created, by whom and for what purpose.

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1. General Endowment, 1974
Begun with a $10,000 gift from the Miami Deposit Bank in memory of Jim Mitchell, the husband of Dorothy Mitchell Gish, one of the founders of the YSCF. Family and friends have added to this original endowment, whose income is use for Foundation grants and expenses.

2. Glen Helen Building Maintenance Fund, 1975
The Glen Helen Building Maintenance Fund was created by Vernay Laboratories, Inc., to pay for maintenance and related activities of the Glen Helen Building, which had been a gift to Antioch College from the Vernay Foundation to honor the life of Sergius Vernet, founder of the company. Income goes to the Glen Helen Ecology Institute.

3. Corky Schiff Memorial Fund, 1979

Established by her family to benefit the Y.S. Community Children’s Center. Income is used for capital equipment or improvement projects at the center.

4. Glen Helen Fund, 1981
Ralph Ramey, then director of Glen Helen, led the fund-raising effort for this endowment. Income supports the public educational program of the Glen Helen Association.

5. Ondess and Fressa Baker Inman Fund, 1983

Created by a bequest from Fressa Inman, for many years an administrator at Antioch College, where her husband, Ondess, had been a professor. Income is used for YSCF grants and expenses.

6. Mary Jane Bachtell Memorial Fund, 1984

Established by her family to create two annual cash awards to Y.S. High School seniors for excellence in creative writing.

7. F. Walton and Catherine T. Bailey Trust, 1985
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Established by a gift from Catherine Bailey, a lifelong Yellow Springs resident, to benefit Glen Helen. Income funds special projects in the Glen.

8. GEM Award, 1985
The “Go the Extra Mile” award was originated by JoAnn Mahle and Rachel Dewey, two local public school teachers, to benefit college-bound high school seniors with learning disabilities. Dorothy O. Scott led the fund drive. Income provides two scholarships annually to help underwrite materials and services that enable LD students to succeed in college.

9. G&T Endowment, 1986
Established by a gift from George and Toshiko Asakawa, former YSCF member and trustee and longtime volunteer at Glen Helen. Income is equally divided between YSCF grants and expenses and support of the Glen Helen Association.

10. Antioch Outdoor Education Center Endowment, 1989

Outdoor Education Center campers Created at the suggestion of Joan Horn, director of the Outdoor Education Center. Income grants “camperships” to local children attending the summer Eco Camp.

11. Howard Kahoe/Dud Scott Memorial Scholarship Fund, 1991

Howard Kahoe and Dud Scott Created by Bob and Carrie Baldwin to honor Howard Kahoe, Y.S. village manager 1951-1974, and James “Dud” Scott, Y.S. village mechanic, 1969-1988. Neither man had a college education, but both had an exceptional ability “to get stuff done.” Awards two $500 annual grants to high school seniors to pursue vocational, industrial, or technical training.

12. Yellow Springs Community Children’s Center Endowment, 1992
Initiated by the Community Children’s Center board. Income supports the center.

13. Constance Golden Sontag and Lester W. Sontag Fund, 1992

Created by a bequest from Lester Sontag, a longtime resident of Yellow Springs. Income benefits programs for the elderly and the library, in particular transportation services for the elderly, books for the Constance Sontag Collection, library services, and organizations such as the Friends Care Center and the Senior Citizens Center. Funds may also be used for other projects deemed worthwhile by YSCF board.

14. Read and Beverly L. Viemeister Administrative Endowment, 1994

A memorial created by friends, family and the YSCF to honor well-known graphic designer and former Foundation member and trustee. Income supports YSCF overhead. The endowment was renamed when memorial funds for Bev Viemeister were added to the endowment after her death death in 2005.

15. Greene Environmental Fund, 1996″ opened
Created by the Greene Environmental Coalition to support grants to pro-environment citizen-action groups responding to threats to human health in Greene County.

16. Yellow Springs Endowment for Education, 1996″ opened
Created by parents and teachers to ensure the continuing excellence and diversity of Yellow Springs Public Schools. In 2009 YSEE became the YSEE field of interest fund at YSCF. A YSEE Advisory Committee now reviews grants consistent with YSEE’s original mission.

17. Norton A. and Marjory E. Russell Endowment, 1997

Memorial tribute honoring former YSCF member and trustee Tony Russell, established by family and friends. Income is used for grants and expenses.

18. Arthur E. Morgan Endowment, 1997″
Created by Community Service, Inc., to honor its founder. Community Service was created to promote the benefits of small-town living. Income supports CSI activities, including publications and conferences.

19. Joan Horn Legacy Fund, 1998

Created by friends and co-workers upon her retirement as director of the Outdoor Education Center (1980-1998). Income benefits the OEC.

20. Shirley Mullins Music Endowment, 2000

Established to honor music educator Shirley Mullins on her retirement, this endowment helps children with music lessons, scholarships, camps, workshops, and other musical experiences.

21. Gene Trolander Memorial Women’s Park Fund
Trolander worked tirelessly to bring about the Yellow Springs Women¹s Park, the second park in the U.S. honoring women. This fund ensures the upkeep and maintenance of this treasure.

22. YS Kids’ Playhouse Endowment, 2000
Started by a matching grant from the YSCF, this endowment helps the Playhouse establish credibility, which has led to increased funding from other sources for this organization that introduces village children to the joys of theater.

23. Lee Morgan Community Soccer Endowment, 2001

Morgan, long-time president of The Antioch Company and an avid soccer player, established this fund to continue the tradition of complete access to recreational soccer in our community.

24. Stewart Family Fund, 2002
Established to honor Perry Stewart, a YSCF founder, by his daughter, Tracy, this unrestricted fund is used to benefit the community as the trustees see fit.

25. William D. & Jane H. Baker Endowment, 2002

Begun with memorial contributions following Bill Baker’s death in October 2002, this endowment funds things he was passionate about, including music and the arts, affordable housing, farmland preservation, and the Greene County Library’s Intellectual Freedom Fund, established in Bill’s honor.

26. Virginia Hamilton Adoff Endowment, 2002
This endowment honors the celebrated award-winning author of more than 35 books for children and young adults. Income goes to the Yellow Springs Library for community outreach and the promotion of multicultural children’s literature.

27. Glen Helen Ecology Community Endowment, 2002
Income from this endowment, set up by community members, benefits the Glen Helen Ecology Institute.

28. Martha Dell Cadow and Warren Dell Athletic Scholarship Endowment, 2003
Income is used for scholarships to honor a Yellow Springs High School senior who has lettered in basketball or golf. Renamed to include Warren Dell, 3/13.

29. Charlotte Drake Youth Philanthropy Endowment, 2004

Income from this endowment is used to promote philanthropic efforts by young people in Yellow Springs and Miami Township. Grants applications from students in Yellow Springs grades K-12 are reviewed by the Youth Philanthropy Group, made up of students grades 7-12.

30. James A. McKee Memorial Scholarship Fund, 2004

This fund was established in memory of Jim McKee, Chief of Police in Yellow Springs for many years, by the Yellow Springs Men’s Group, of which he was a member.

31. Yellow Springs Senior Citizens Endowment, 2004
Initiated by the Yellow Springs Senior Center board. Income supports the center.

32. Friends Care Center Endowment, 2005
Initiated by the Yellow Springs Friends Care Center board. Income supports the center.

33. Unitarian Universalist Endowment Fund, 2006
Started by the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Yellow Springs (UUF). The income is used by UUF to promote social responsibility.

34. Yellow Springs Affordable Housing Endowment Fund, 2006
Initiated by Yellow Springs Home, Inc. (Home, Inc.) to strengthen the community through the development of permanently affordable housing in Yellow Springs and Miami Township.

35. Chamber Music Yellow Springs Endowment Fund, 2008
Started by Chamber Music in Yellow Springs, Inc. with a matching grant from YSCF to provide a source of revenue from the income to benefit the operations of Chamber Music Yellow Springs.

36. Tecumseh Land Trust Endowment Fund, 2008
Started by the Tecumseh Land Preservation Association with a matching grant from YSCF to provide a source of revenue from the income to benefit the Tecumseh Land Trust.

37. Glen Helen Association Fund for the Raptor Center Endowment, 2008
Started by the Glen Helen Association to provide a source of revenue from the income to benefit the Raptor Center of the Glen Helen Ecological Institute.

38. Kenneth C. Tregillus Endowment Fund, 2008
Started with bequests from two trusts established by Kenneth C. Tregillus to provide support for the cultural performing arts or similar and related activities which may enhance the cultural life in Yellow Springs. These include local performances of classical music; support for the production of program material of local interest by Yellow Springs Cable Access Television; and for the promotion of interest in and support of the physical sciences in the Yellow Springs Schools.

39. Glen Helen Association Fund for the Raptor Center Endowment, 2008
Started by the Glen Helen Association to provide a source of revenue from the income to benefit the Raptor Center of the Glen Helen Ecological Institute.

40. Nolan J. and Ricard D Miller Endowment Fund, 2009
Created with the proceeds from the Millers’ Charitable trusts upon their deaths, the endowment is used to support community service initiatives to benefit students at Antioch College with a goal of fostering mutual respect between the Village of Yellow Springs and Antioch College.

41. Village of Yellow Springs Public Schools Fund (formerly YSCAPE), 2012
Established for the sole purpose of providing grants to the School District. The fund consists of two sub-funds: (i) an unrestricted sub-fund (Capital Sub-Fund), from which grants to the School District may be made from principal and net income, and (ii) and endowment sub-fund (Endowment Sub-Fund), from which grants to the School District shall be made solely from net income. Donors to the fund may designate that their contributions shall be credited to either the Capital Sub-Fund or the Endowment Sub-Fund. Contributions that are not designated shall be credited to the Capital Sub-Fund.

42. Marjory S. Russell Free Swim Lessons Endowment, 2012
Started with a bequest from Marj Russell, who gave freely of her time to teach children to swim at the pool at Gaunt Park, to support the Village of Yellow Springs free swim lesson program.

43. Edwin K. Foos Endowment, 2014
Formerly held for many years by YSCF as a testamentary trust, this bequest from Mr. Foos was officially converted to an endowment with the blessing of the Ohio State Attorney General’s Office in 2014. Income from the endowment is annually distributed to the First Presbyterian Church of Yellow Springs, the Yellow Springs Library Association, the Lions Club of Yellow Springs and Antioch College.

44. Dorothy and William Schlueter Field of Interest Endowment Fund, 2015
The second fund created by Al Schlueter from his parent’s inheritance. The purpose of this endowment is to generate income for the support of education, affordable housing, the arts and projects that connect the Yellow Springs community to Antioch College. Income from the funds will be used to grant requests supporting any of the areas of interest. Donors may also earmark gifts to the foundation to be applied to this endowment fund.

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