What You Can Give


You have come to this page because you want to—you want to make a gift that will make a difference in our community. The timing, size, and source(s) of your gift will depend on your individual circumstance. In all cases, when there is any doubt, we encourage our donors to consult with one or more trusted advisors. The tax implications of each kind of gift vary.

Here are some options:

Cash: Typically, a gift of cash is a “here and now” gift. It may come from your normal income or from a “windfall,” and can be made with a check, wire transfer, or credit card. A cash gift is fully deductible up to 50 percent of your adjusted gross income in any one year.

Appreciated Securities: a gift of appreciated securities is often the most “painless” and mutually beneficial gift from the donor to the charity. The charitable deduction and the avoidance of capital gains may be among the donor’s tax benefits. As with gifts of cash, deductions amounts that exceed the limit can be carried forward for up to five years. If you have appreciated securities and would like to donate, talk with us.

Planned Gifts: (see Giving for Tomorrow) include a wide variety of giving options, from Wills to Insurance Policies, from Real Estate to Trust Agreements, and more. In all such cases, the Foundation recommends that prospective donors consult with their financial, tax, and/or legal advisor. The Foundation will decline to act as trustee in trust agreements.

Volunteer your time and talents: Our small community has many opportunities for individuals and groups to support others through volunteering. If you’re ready, willing, and able, we’d love to work with you to find a spot where your efforts would be most effective. Please complete and submit this online form today!