Downloadable Logos

Using the YSCF Logo

Below is a list of examples in which YSCF should be recognized in promotional materials and activities. Please demonstrate your appreciation of YSCF support by placing the logo on postcards and promotional brochures that are mailed to your patrons:

    • Incorporate the YSCF logo into your regular newsletter to recognize your receipt of public dollars for the arts.
    • Incorporate the YSCF logo into your playbills, programs, leaflets and handouts that are distributed to visitors.
    • Create a link to the YSCF on your organization’s website.
    • Add the YSCF logo to posters and banners displayed in your community to promote your programs.
    • Acknowledge YSCF support in press releases and other communications.

Using the Logo for Crediting the Foundation

You must credit the Yellow Springs Community Foundation for the support it provides by using the YSCF logo. The logo must be reproduced as a unit without alteration. Choose the logo below appropriate to your use and download it by right-clicking on the file name and selecting “save link/picture as…”

Color logo for web use




Color logo for print use




Black & white logo for print use