Dylan Rainey, YSHS Class of 2019, recipient of the Leadership Spirit Scholarship, February, 2020:

My transition to Ohio University was made quite easy thanks to the Ohio College Credit Plus program allowing me to take Wright State classes in my senior year of high school. I was already exposed to the standard college workload and class schedule.

As for Athens, the community is great and I have made a few really close friends since I started. I am very grateful for these friends as they make sure I am getting out of my room and enjoying myself outside of class. I also joined the club “Bobcats for Bernie” which is full of amazing people who all share the interest of electing Bernie Sanders as President. I have certainly found my place in the Athens community.

My first semester of classes honestly disappointed me. They were mostly just assigned to me and I found them to be too easy and not important to what I am studying. However, I am more excited with my second semester of classes. I am a political science major and I had been considering adding another economics major. Now, I am taking a microeconomics class that I have enjoyed so much that I will definitely be double majoring in political science and economics.

I plan to transfer to Ohio State my sophomore or junior year and get my degree from there. From there I will either go into law school or pursue a PhD in economics, depending on which major speaks to me more throughout my undergraduate education.

I am very grateful for the Yellow Springs community for giving me the support throughout my childhood and into my early adult life. I will always treasure the town and the community and it will always be what I identify most with. Before all, I am, and always be a Yellow Springer and I cannot wait to give back to the community in a greater capacity than I was able to in high school.