2nd Generation Trustee: Mom, why the YSCF?

Evan Scott with his parents Bill and Dorothy

The Annual Report introduces new trustees and this year, one of those is Evan Scott, a second generation trustee. So he sat down with Dorothy O. Scott, his mother, to ask her about why she introduced him to the Foundation.

Evan: Did you realize I’m the first second-generation trustee in the Foundation’s history?

Dorothy: I loved it when you came back to the Village and knowing you are as devoted to this community as I am, I was anxious to get you involved.

Evan: My devotion comes from Dad and you. My brothers and I have talked a lot over the years about how we had to share you with the Village growing up. Was it a conscious decision to show us what community involvement looked like?

Dorothy No. We didn’t do it to educate you in public service. It was organic. We cared about the community and we’re people persons. I was raised in a household like that, too.

Evan: As a kid, I had no idea how your community service was influencing me until I moved back here. It’s become clear that I need to be of service in some way. It sounds like that was your experience.

Dorothy: It was always because I was interested in or feeling committed to doing something if I could. Why the Community Foundation is particularly appealing to me is that it is, indeed, the microcosm of the Village. It’s available to any 501(c)(3) and we have very broad guidelines for grant making. There’s a famous quote from Hardy Trolander from the Foundation’s earliest days, “support something that’s off the wall.”

Evan: At this point, do you see the Foundation having changed since your service?

Dorothy: If I had to choose one word, I’d say the Foundation has MATURED. We evolve because we’re sensitive to how the community works, to trends in our larger society, and to our own sense of responsibility for how we can best serve this community.

Evan: Agree, we are in the process of implementing our 2016 strategic plan which includes just those considerations; listening to what the community wants and needs and making whatever changes we must to meet them.