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List of Miller Fellow Positions Available 2021 (PDF)

Story Chain connects between the reader and the listener through community outreach, literacy intervention, and audio technology. Using the knowledge of social and restorative justice and family literacy, trained volunteers produce audio files from incarcerated parents, parents of children with disabilities or families of seniors living in assisted care facilities. The recordings are then edited and downloaded on an MP3 player for the clients (listener) to receive.

Lesson plans have been developed for the facilitator. At the beginning readers discuss books and the relationship they have with the client. The second workshop is a book fair where readers discuss and shop for the books they want to use for their recordings. The third workshop is an intensive book discussion with opportunities to read out loud. The fourth and fifth workshop focus on the voice development process. Voice professionals from the community come in and work one-on-one with readers. The last 3 workshops commit to one-on-one recordings of each rehearsed story.

After all the recordings are made, Story Chain downloads them onto MP3 and delivers the final product with books to the client.

Listen to a Story Chain podcast about how volunteers bring families together through the reading of children’s books..