Life in the Cosmos at Glass Farm

Name of the Picture: Life in the Cosmos at Glass Farm


Artist: Scott Stolsenberg


Connection to Yellow Springs: “I am a resident of Yellow Springs, even though this form does not seem to think so. :-)”


Brief Bio: Scott Stolsenberg is a local Yellow Springs photographer with a passion for art and nature. He has done work for newspapers, a travel guide, as well as traditional portrait and event photography. “I hope that people will look at my work and see things they have not noticed before,“ says Scott. “It is important for people to find connections to the world around them. Only then will they work to protect it.”


Scott Stolsenberg - Life In The Cosmos At Glass Farm


A part of the Yellow Springs Community Foundation’s

Seeing Our Community – Annual Photography Exhibit 

This creative opportunity was open to all Yellow Springs and Miami Township community members who pursue the art of photography at a professional, amateur or hobbyist level.

Thank you to our project partners the Winds Café and Yellow Springs Arts Council.