The Antioch School

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The Antioch School offers child-centered programs for nursery, kindergarten, and traditional grade school ages in mixed-age groups, the Younger Group (approximately 6-9 years old), and the Older Group (approximately 9-12 years old).

The school is run democratically. Students, along with teachers, create the curriculum and make school rules. A Board, comprised of teachers, parents, and a community member, along with the school manager, ensure the financial and physical upkeep of the school.

It is a place in which children are encouraged to pursue their innate curiosity wherever, and as far as, their abilities can take them. Children are encouraged to take the next step, to risk, to make mistakes and to try again as they find their own unique ways of learning. Through example and direct experience, children learn self-discipline, self-direction, value setting, and the relationship between choice and consequence.

The Antioch School is a place where childhood is respected and children are enjoyed.