Trustees and Members


The nine trustees, who serve without compensation, are elected by Foundation members for staggered five-year terms. The trustees are responsible for determining the investment and distribution of gifts, and for deciding if bequests meet the eligibility of the public purposes of the Foundation.

Membership as of April, 2017

Board of Trustees

  • Lisa Abel, President
  • Sterling Wiggins, Vice-President
  • Matthew Denman, Interim Treasurer
  • Ellis Jacobs, Secretary
  • Susan Miller
  • Lisa Kreeger
  • Joanne Lakomski
  • Evan Scott
  • Tim Sherwood


  • Basim Blunt
  • Richard Bullock
  • Leigh Duncan
  • Terry Graham
  • Tia Huston
  • Kevin McGruder
  • Sandy McHugh
  • Audrey Smith
  • Mary Kay Smith
  • Kathryn Van der Heiden
  • Matt Wallace